Parks scoured for more blades
May 3, 2002

LAGUNA NIGUEL -- A father found 30 heavy-duty razor blades and 29 nails among playground toys Thursday after he spotted something glimmering beneath the feet of his 18-month-old daughter.

The razor blades and nails were placed with their cutting edges and points up beneath swings and a slide at Parc Vista Park, a 2-acre secluded green built in 1995 near Marina Hills Drive and Niguel Road. Deputies cordoned off the playground but planned to reopen it today.

Laguna Beach police found 18 blades in the sand at a playground on Main Beach on Saturday. Blades were found at seven parks and play areas in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach last year.

Criminal experts said the razors could have been planted by someone who seeks thrills by hurting children.

"We would expect someone who places sharp objects in playground locations with the intent to injure at multiple sites over time is most likely to be a pedophiliac sexual sadist whose desire is to watch children bleed and cry," said Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist who has testified or consulted against criminals such as the Unabomber, John Hinckley and Jeffrey Dahmer.