For years and years he got away with abusing many kids in this town.

It took one 11yo boy to put him behind bars for life, after the perp took him through the courts and the associated trauma!

Paedophile used vile web of deceit to carry out his sick reign of terror
PAEDOPHILE Anthony Kelly presented himself as a father figure to vulnerable youths on Mansfield's Oak Tree Lane estate and appeared to be a caring man who could be trusted by all.

But underneath the surface lay a devious and sadistic sex offender branded as one of the most dangerous paedophiles ever to have set foot in Mansfield.
Evil Kelly (42), who used the alias Michael Paul Guidi to avoid police detection, moved around the country and used his vile web of deceit to trick single parents in a calculating move to win their trust, before he groomed their helpless children during two decades of torment.
In February 2004, Kelly who has a string of convictions for child abduction, indecent assault, gross indecency with children and dishonesty moved to Eyam Close and then Burbage Court on the Mansfield estate to continue his sordid reign on terror.
During his time at Burbage Court, Kelly lived with a 19-year-old man and a 16-year-old youth with learning difficulties presenting himself as a father figure to them.
And once Kelly had firmly established himself as a trusted member of the street, he began enticing powerless young boys into his home with promises of cash, pizzas and computer games to abuse them for his own sickening sexual pleasure.
But in August 2005 Kelly's sexual abuse finally came to light after an 11-year-old child staying with Kelly raised concerns.
He fled the area and went on the run before he was finally tracked down and arrested at Preston Railway Station on 10th October last year after 10 months of detailed police intelligence work.
Kelly was finally brought back to Mansfield to face justice and was subsequently charged with committing serious sexual offences against young boys.
This week Det Con Charles Kidger, of the child abuse investigation unit, told Chad that streets of Mansfield were a safer place now Kelly was behind bars.
"It was particularly traumatic for the children to have to relive the terrible offences committed against them when they gave evidence," he said.
"Kelly has committed horrendous offences against local children and is one of the most dangerous paedophiles to come to Mansfield. Not only is he capable of grooming vulnerable children over periods of time, but he has the capability to forcibly remove a child from a safe place to commit offences.
"He actually contacted the mothers of some of his victims to reassure them that their child was safe and in his care. This just emphasises the deviousness and calculating methods that are employed by paedophiles to get access to children.
"The jury found Kelly guilty of all sexual offences against the children and it is a big relief to know that he would be prevented from committing such offences for quite a considerable period."
19 July 2006

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