Some things that I find on the net, are too triggering for me to repost them, so I dont.

Then there is the ludicrous side that I must mention.

In a week where teachers are told to not put sunscreen on kids, for fear of being labelled abusers!

Has the World gone mad, or is it just me!
What next? Nurseries told not to change babies for fear of someone labelling them perverts!

Then the one of the little girl on myspace aged 10yo who told her friend that her dad bonked her.
Her friends mother immediately phoned the police, who alerted social services.

They found out that the man had hit his daughter on the head with an inflatable hammer, all innocent family daddy daughter stuff.

Social services checked the girl out anyhow, and closed the case, the cops still have a record on their computer, as do the health service.

The lesson to be learned here, is when you have a notion to hit a child with anything heavier than a feather, beware what you call it.

Good job they never caught me dunking a little boys head in cold water on duck apple night.
Even though he threw fat balls into it, and dunked me too.

We all had a gr8 time, but I could have spent a lot of time explaining that one.

Someone hit me with an inflatable, and no, I will never call it bonk, bonked, nor bonking.
Banging can also be taken out of the world of DIY etc., just because it is a bad word.

Like it or not, children are social beings, and they rely on social interraction with adults, teachers and other children alike.

All this in a week where a so called child protection cop, gets off with throttling two 14yo girls because they threw a twig in the road.

The girls were admonished for damaging his career, and were called yobs, but if anyone else did it, they would face a long term in jail.

Is it just me going mad????


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!