This is a good story from the Times, a UK paper.
Why? Should anybody have the right to name and shame a Judge.

The Judiciary are only there to impose laws that the Government gives them, so leave them alone, or use measures that surely exist in low sentencing Judges.

Remember, the next time you hear a politician talk about introducing a minimum jail term for people carrying knives, or dangerous dogs, or whatever the panic might be that week, that every time you incarcerate a teenage misfit trying to feel bigger by carrying a knife, you release at the other end of the system a Craig Sweeney or another violent criminal or sex offender. (Murders by knife are no higher now than they have been throughout the past decade, incidentally; the only thing that has increased is our hysteria about them.) The jails are full to bursting and while they remain overcrowded there is little hope of any useful work being done with prisoners within them. Seven in ten inmates reoffend within two years of release.
Social problems are mainly caused by Governments' lack of real knowledge, in the "Real World".

Urgent thinking is what we need, not knee jerk reaction.

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Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!