It takes a 14yo schoolboy to come up with an idea that all the experts never thought of.

New venture from Britain's youngest entrepreneur

Britain's youngest-ever Managing Director, Adam Hildreth, has set up a new company to develop child protection technologies for the internet.

The entrepreneur has created a new venture, Crisp Thinking, and is in negotiation with a number of ISPs to install its first product during this summer. The development of AGE, the company's Anti Grooming Engine technology, is also now at an advanced stage.

Hildreth shot to fame in 1999 at the age of 14 when he created Dubit, a company that has developed the UK's most popular teen web site and a youth marketing consultancy. Hildreth remains a shareholder of Dubit, which continues to thrive and is CEO of his new venture, Crisp Thinking.

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