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The Guardian

The attorney general has intervened on more than 300 occasions over three years to increase "unduly lenient" sentences received by convicted criminals, including killers, rapists and child abusers, according to official figures.

Statistics released by Lord Goldsmith under the Freedom of Information Act show that in the past three years, he has referred 339 cases to the appeal court and has been vindicated in 230 of them.

The contested cases concerned rulings by more than 200 judges, a tenth of the senior judiciary in England and Wales.

Government law officers are reluctant to intervene in the criminal justice system but can do so in the public interest. The attorney must satisfy appeal court judges that a sentence is "unreasonably" lenient.

Yesterday Lord Goldsmith renewed his criticism of judges who pass insufficiently harsh sentences on criminals found guilty of sex offences against children. It has emerged that one judge was deemed to have dealt with such a case involving child abuse so badly that he has been barred from presiding over similar trials.

In one case a judge gave a five-year sentence to a man who raped and sexually abused his daughter over 16 years. The appeal court doubled the sentence to 10 years. In another case a man who admitted indecently assaulting his nieces was given an absolute discharge because a pre-sentence report had not been prepared in time. The appeal court last year increased the sentence to a three-year community rehabilitation order, describing the judge's actions as "inappropriate".

Lord Goldsmith, speaking to the Sunday Times, said some judges failed to take sufficient account of the long-term trauma suffered by child abuse victims.

As a footnote, I would like to say that it is not always the Judges who are at fault, but the system they adhere to.

They are pretty much bound to keep people out of jail unless it is in the public safety, so judges juggle their sentencing options.

A judge is a judge, and should not have bonds that stop his sentencing on the grounds of how full the jails are, but he does, and the AG does not reflect that in his speech.

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