Mark and John,

I live in NJ; I'll probably live here forever, unless I hit the lottery and buy an island \:D and I'm very proud of what you've done to make my State safer for our children.

I'm in the legal field and was involved in a case about 15 years ago involving a charitable institution, Seton Hall, a catholic college to be precise.


A woman, our client, had been visciously raped and beaten on campus, she was the 4th or 5th in a short period of time. Security remained a joke even after it became apparent that there was a serial rapist operating at the college. The guards, employed by the college, who were supposed to walk students to their cars if called and patrol the parking lots were no where to be found because they were busy watching a basketball game; lights in the parking lot had been shot out, leaving the area ripe for crime in an already crime riddled city. When the lawsuit was filed, everyone we could think of was included, as well as fictitious companies and John Does. Discovery took years and the fight never seemed to end. The college refused to take any responsibility, or cough up even the $10,000 which was all they could possibility be held monetarily accountable for under the charitable immunity law as it existed then. We prevailed against all parties, but the money received for our client was a pittance, not that any amount could make her whole again. But Seton Hall skated, except for their lousy $10,000, despite the fact that the safety of their students on their property was ultimately their responsibility. That case has stayed with me for all of these years because of the destruction to a human being that I witnesses first hand.

Despite the fact that such suits will always result in a fight, I'm very happy that the law will no longer be on the side of those who choose to ignore the victims.

Thank you again.

ROCK ON.......Trish

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