Hi guys !

I just wanted to share what I have seen on French TV tonight. On France 2 (main public channel in France) Friday night is the night of French TV drama (series).
The first one called "PJ" (Police Judiciaire) is about the life of policemen in a local police station in Paris.
Tonight one of the story was about a man who has been victim of rape by 2 guys because an ex jealous girl friend wanted him to feel humiliated. She did not want his ex to be raped but she paid 2 guys who did this. The story dealt with the fact that the police man who questionned the victim was very uncomfortable and it was a police woman who did the interview. It was good in a sense that it raised questions about the issue and the difficulties for a man to talk and to press charges for rape. In a previous episode, one of the good looking inspectors told his girlfriend he had been victim of sexual abuse by his uncle when he was a kid.
The second serie, called "Avocats et associés" (Lawyers and co), portrays the life of a lawyers office in Paris. Tonight, one of the lawyers was defending a 15 year old boy who had savagely stabbed his mother and killed her. The teen refused to talk and his lawyer at first thought that he had played too many violent video games. The more the story went on with details of that family, the more I thought about the kid having an incestuous mother. In the end, the father spoke and told the truth: the mother was sexually abusing the kid. There was a very moving moment when the kid spoke what the mother was doing to him.
I really couldn't believe that: in the same evening ! It was strange too because I usually never watch the second serie. I thought of my love of course and I can of related to the level of anger and violence V had inside of him.
I feel very emotional now because thanks to these TV dramas, it is going to be easier for men like my love to come forward. Society is slowly changing.
After the horrible reports by the media of the Outreau trial (it was abusers' appeal week in the higher court this week), it kind of lifted my spirit !
Since it is Friday night for me in Paris, I wish you all the great week end !

Mitakuye oyasin ! We are all related !