Blunkett ‘snubs’ abuse victim

By Lisa Jones of the Shrewsbury Chronicle

An alleged abuse victim claims he has been snubbed by MP David Blunkett after he personally gave him a letter pleading for more resources for survivors in the area.

Kirk MacIntyre, of Radbrook Green, handed the letter to the former Home secretary when he visited the town earlier this year, who said he would get it converted into braille and look into the issue. Since then Mr. MacIntyre, who said he was abused as a teenager, has also written to Prime Minister Tony Blair and home secretary Charles Clarke.

Although he has received acknowledgements from Mr. Blair he has not received anything from Mr. Blunkett or Mr. Clarke. He said he felt let down that he has not had any proper response.

“I am really very, very angry and disappointed” he said. “Blair stated on the steps of Number 10 after he was elected again that he wanted to listen to the public. I see no proof of that. I just think it’s downright rude”


Mr. MacIntyre handed a letter over to current work and pensions secretary Mr. Blunkett when he visited Shrewsbury in march to boost the campaign of Labour candidate Mike ion.

Mr. MacIntyre relinquished his anonymity when he handed the letter over to the minister at a meeting with Meole Brace residents. The letter asked for more support of the victims, in childhood and also later on in adulthood. Mr. MacIntyre said that support groups in the area such as Axis, suffered from chronic under-funding.

“I have lost four fellow survivors this year because there was no support out there for them. They all took their own lives; three of them were in their 40s and that is a very long time to live with those type of memories” he said in the letter.

A Downing Street spokesman said a number of replies had been sent to Mr. MacIntyre on various dates from the Home Office after his letters were forwarded from Downing Street.


A photograph of me trying to get through to David Blunkett can be viewed here, you will have to scroll down a bit:

Kirk McIntyre
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