The following is an article I wrote for my news commentary blog,, regarding the ill-informed comments by Sen. Rick Santorum regarding how my state's "liberal" views on social issues "allowed" the priest sex abuse to happen.

The fact that he hasn't recanted, or at least clarified his position, should be a red light to every single one of his constituents here. Any commens will be appreciated.

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Rick Santorum - King of Idiots

Dear me, every time I think people in the government cannot do anything else to outrage, befuddle or amuse me, along comes Pennsylvania's own King Rat, Rick Santorum, to do all three.

Santorum, who it will be remembered, blaimed the priest sex abuse scandal in my state, in my home city, on our "screwed up" liberal values, had a golden opportunity to recant and admit his statement wasn't well thought out. I'd have accepted that, you see, because he'd never come out and actually say what he did honestly, namely pandering to the far-right social conservative nimrods he seems desperate to win over. Instead, he reinforces his backward, chuzzlewit viewpoint by restating them.

The comments, of course, were picked up by The Boston Globe - the most liberal newspaper in Massachusetts, to be sure, but at least they were published by someone - and were trumpeted for all my state to see.

I happen to know a thing or three about sexual abuse and rape, Mr. Santorum, from personal experience, and blaming "liberal values" for priests raping kids is kinda like blaming violence on video games (althought I'm sure he does that, too).

For the edification of Mr. Santorum (whose political machine will no doubt have this clipped by a web search because, like any "good" politico, he's never met a mention in the media he didn't like), let's clear up a few misconceptions. Unlike homosexuality, which is a consensual activity between two adults, bestiality, which is just plain gross, and celebacy, which goes against the grain of the human animal, sexual abuse/rape isn't about permissiveness. It's about power, control and, for a sad few, self-delusion that these urges are okay to act upon.

Sexual abuse and rape, especially when they're committed on children, knows no sense of decency. It doesn't recognize social norms. The crime is carried out in secret, under a veil of manipulation and/or force. In fact, I would say that it's the "permissiveness" of discussing sexual matters openly that has made it possible to make these crimes known. Making them known is a good thing because it will stop the abuse, get the victim help, and hopefully put the criminal behind bars where they belong.

To claim anything else is disingenuous. To use it as a political tool is disgusting, belittling the damage it does to the victims, and enabling to the abusers themselves.

By the way, in case he also needs this information, the abuse wasn't committed by a group of predatory sexual libertines but by clergy of the Catholic church, one of the most conservative of social/religious groups and a body that is fighting this large-scale scandal all over the world, not just Boston.

In fact, the reason it blew up so badly in Boston was that, for a long time, the people in charge, led by the out-of-touch Cardinal Bernard Law, responded to this heresy in the time-honored tradition of social conservatives - deny, hide, buy out, and just plain ignore the problem.

I pray that I'm wrong, that Senator Santorum is just hopelessly misinformed, and not purposefully exploiting the pain of victims in order to score points.

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