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#83005 - 05/24/05 08:25 PM Denning
SteveB Offline
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Registered: 04/01/05
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Loc: Swindon, Wiltshire
We put perv DJ in dock
The Sun...Crime Writer

FUGITIVE ex-Radio One DJ Chris Denning was flown back to Britain to face paedophile charges yesterday — thanks to The Sun.

We stung police into action after we tracked down 64-year-old Denning four weeks ago.

We revealed the location of his hideaway on the Austria-Slovakia border to Austrian authorities.

And yesterday, shackled to two Austrian cops, Denning was flown back to Heathrow and handed over to British detectives.

Denning was wanted over allegations of indecency against boys as young as 12 in the 1970s and 1980s.

He was charged last night with nine counts of indecent assault on children and will appear at Guildford Magistrates’ Court this morning.

A Surrey police source said: “The Sun intervention spurred the Austrian authorities into action.”

Denning was a Radio One pioneer who worked alongside legendary DJs John Peel, Tony Blackburn and Kenny Everett.

He was a producer for The Beatles and helped launch the Bay City Rollers and pop perv Gary Glitter.

But he was sacked by Radio 1 in the 1960s after telling listeners: “I got up this morning feeling like a 16-year-old boy, but where do you get one at 6am?”

#83006 - 05/31/05 09:23 PM Re: Denning
Kirk Wayne Offline

Registered: 05/31/05
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Loc: Shrewsbury UK
Hi Guys

Havent been around very much as I lost my password.

Well Denning is back. I recieved a phone call from Surrey police on Monday night saying that he was back in the country. I somehwat stupidly asked "did he return of his own volition"? "No, oh no" came the reply.This news took my breath away even though I was thinking about him earlier. Very rarely a day goes past without me remembering Denning (and the others) at one time or another.

Denning was deported from Austria as an undesirable and he got into a bit of a fight with his police handlers at the airport he flew back from. He was cuffed throughout the flight and promptly arrested at Heathrow as soon as his feet hit the tarmac. I think he knows he will be going away for a very, very long time.

I now hope Jonathan King will get dragged back into it as King was Dennings boss at UK Records. I was with Denning the day King fired him because in Kings words "the police were becomming a little too interested in him" him being Denning.

Chris Denning appeared at Guildford Magestrates court and was remended till June 2nd.

I spoke to my contact at Surrey police today saying that I was making another official complaint against him even though I gave all the details when I was being interviewed about King, but I thought I had better put another request in as out of the two trials I was involved with I have yet to appear in a court of law, third time lucky hopefully. If I dont get called myself and the wife will be going to Surrey to witness the trial thats for sure.

The truth will always out.

I have started a letter blitz to the powers that be. All I have recieved back are just acknowledgements thats all and thats even after meeting with former Home Secretary David Blunkett when I passed him a letter. Here is the latest one to current Home Secretary Charles Clarke:

Dear Home Secretary.

Could you please inform me if the following segment taken from a document on the Parole Board’s website is still valid?

Home Secretary’s directions to the Parole Board issued under section 32(6)
of the Criminal Justice Act 1991.

I draw your attention to section two headed:

Before recommending release on parole licence, the Parole Board shall consider:

In subsection three it states:

Whether the prisoner has shown by his attitude and behaviour in custody that
he is willing to address his offending behaviour by participating in programmes or activities designed to address his risk, and has made positive effort and progress in doing so;

I would like to highlight firstly the comment:

Attitude and behaviour in custody.

My abuser Jonathan King has shown by his attitude and behaviour whilst in custody and as a freed prisoner (although under licence) that’s he has and is showing utter contempt towards the Criminal Justice System and worse still mocking the survivors of his sexual perversions. Or is protesting your innocence via a media outlet (LBC Radio) whilst in custody of no consequence when considering attitudes and behaviour?

Secondly the comment:

Is willing to address his offending behaviour by participating in programmes or activities designed to address his risk, and has made positive effort and progress in doing so;

Mr. King by his own admission has commented that he took no part in any programmes or activities designed to address his offending behaviour as was his right under the appeals system.

I would like to understand why Jonathan King was released on the early release scheme whilst not fulfilling any of the criteria as laid down by the Parole Board?

I lobbied you hard with regard Jonathan Kings release via the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham, Mr. Mike Ion unfortunately he was not successful in the election.

Did you actually read the evidence I had collated with regards Kings unsuitability to warrant early release? Mike Ion has told me that he passed the evidence on to you at the “ten minute” meeting you had with him prior to the election.

Mr. Clarke. You have it within your power to do something constructive with regards paedophiles and haebophiles at large within our communities. Please do something to protect our children and grandchildren from the likes of Jonathan King, the ex Radio One DJ Chris Denning (my original abuser and pimp), Robert Randall and others.

Chris Denning is possibly the biggest child abuser (of boys) this country has ever seen, even more prolific than William Goad who was jailed for life last year for abusing boys.

Unfortunately due to my dysfunctional upbringing I was the perfect target for sexual deviants and through that I went on to lead a very dysfunctional, anti-social, self destructive lifestyle that was to last over thirty years. That period of time included behaviour such as chronic alcoholism and drug addiction, homelessness, male prostitution aged fifteen, domestic violence, begging and deception. I was deffinatley a social problem. How many other males have led a lifestyle such as that and have ended up within the prison system. Dysfunctional adults bring up dysfunctional children, ad infinitum. Do something positive with regards the problem of highly deviant sexual predators and hopefully the dysfunctional behaviour of some may begin to diminish.

I stopped drinking in nineteen ninety four, re-entered education in nineteen ninety six and graduated with a BA in archaeology from the University of Birmingham. I must add that I was being actively abused when being expelled from my secondary school for protecting myself from a bullying teacher. Unfortunately my degree was an Aegrotat degree as just prior to sitting my final year exams I learnt by way of an article published in The Guardian that Chris Denning was in custody in the Czech Republic. I suffered yet another mental breakdown. It was recovering from that breakdown that I decided to disclose.

Home Secretary there is an endemic problem with regards Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) here in the UK and it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better I have witnessed first hand the rise in clients at the counselling service I use here in Shrewsbury.

As I have had no reply, except for the communications department standard acknowledgements, to the letters I have written to Prime Minister Blair. Yourself via Tony Blair and Mike Ion, David Blunkett MP, with whom I met on the 07/04/2005 on his visit to the Meole Brace community centre here in Shrewsbury it was then that I passed him a letter. I have also written to the Secretary of State for Health Ms. Patricia Hewitt MP with regards compulsory treatment of Child Sexual Abusers whilst in custody including those who have an appeal lodged. You cannot con a con-man as I found out on entering my first drug rehab; you cannot pull the wool over the eyes of others who have a mindset similar to your own, in my case alcoholics and addicts. I have been sober ten years, with a couple of minor relapses on the way.

Mr. Clarke. If I have had no reply within twenty one days I will have no other option but to approach the media.

I have alerted you to this problem and the effects CSA can have on society. Please do something about it.

If the buck does not stop with the Prime Minister as hinted at in his communication department’s reply to me, I quote:

“additionally, he has asked that your letter be passed to the Home Office who have responsibility for this subject”.

It must therefore Mr. Clarke, as Secretary of State the buck stops with you.

I have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for a reply at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely

Kirk McIntyre

Oh yes just to inform you all the British Crime Survey does not collate figures for sexual offences (or any other for that matter) against children as the survey is only open to those aged sixteen and over ... That is obscene. Start writing to your MP and ask why figures for sexual offences against children are not recorded. I belive this is the governments preferred acency for crime statistics.

Take it eay all


#83007 - 06/03/05 12:32 PM Re: Denning
Kirk Wayne Offline

Registered: 05/31/05
Posts: 499
Loc: Shrewsbury UK
Chris Denning was in court again yesterday I imagine that was a plea and directional hearing. He was remanded once more until the 30th June.

It is strange how quiet Jonathan King is lately except for slatting Bob Geldolfs attempt to make poverty history. I just wish the general public here in the UK would get as passionate about CSA as they do about poverty and fox hunting then maybe we would start to see some progress being made with the controlling of highly devient sex offenders living within our communities and decent sentancing guidelines.


"Close your eyes and let the thougts pass" (Porcupine Tree)


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