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#82954 - 04/05/05 05:12 PM Re: This makes ME Angry!!!
reality2k4 Offline

Registered: 07/06/04
Posts: 6845
Loc: Stuck between water, air, and ...
This link is the best I have found so far,

King of shits,



Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!

#82955 - 04/07/05 03:40 PM Re: This makes ME Angry!!!
Archnut Offline

Registered: 10/26/02
Posts: 343
Loc: United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting David Blunkett yesterday and I passed the following letter on to him:

Dear Mr Blunkett.

Firstly. As a survivor of Jonathan King’s sexual abuse and the original whistle blower to his perverted activities, I would like to know how this government is going to tackle the problem of paedophiles and haebophiles living within the community.

Secondly. The Crown Prosecution Service appears to have no idea what it is like to be called as a prosecution witness to give evidence. I was called to appear at King's trial but because he was found guilty unanimously by the first trial jury, the remaining twenty prosecution witnesses were left high and dry, without an explanation. I was given no advice as to what my accusation would be doing all I was told by the police is that my accusations would lay on file I had to find out for myself what this actually meant. This happened to me not once but twice as another trail I was involved with of another of my abusers also caught within the operation to investigate King. This abuser held his hand up to a lesser charge and therefore the Crown decided to just go with that conviction once more leaving the prosecution witnesses out in the cold yet again. I have heard recently that the CPS are not concerned with justice for victim’s only convictions and hitting government targets. From my experiences I have to agree. How this can be justice is far beyond me.

Mr Blunkett you have spoken to the residents of the Meole Brace estate about anti-social behaviour and I have to say I was very anti social for about thirty years whilst a practicing alcoholic and drug addict. I have been homeless, I have begged, I have been a “Rent Boy” and I have been found drunk in more places than I care to remember I have also two convictions for domestic violence and others beside. I have also been a bully myself trying to hide the fact that I maybe gay or as all of my abusers told me “very likely bisexual” this caused many, many years of confusion and very nearly cost me my life as I have attempted suicide three time but was usually too drunk to succeed. However I eventually got sober in 1994, entered education again as I was expelled from school for defending myself from a bully of a teacher. I eventually gained a BA in archaeology in 2001; however it was an Aegrotat degree as I had a mental breakdown just before sitting my final year exams.

Myself as a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse feel very much forgotten as far as this government is concerned we have to rely on charities to help us through the crisis that we all go through when about to disclose, some of these charities have unqualified therapists because there is not enough money to employ professionals and this could prove fatal for the person being counselled we also get no help from the mental health service as we are looked upon with contempt.

If I am a typical survivor which I believe I am there are thousands of me perhaps hundreds of thousands that have no representation within parliament as I am not aware of any politicians that have been abused in childhood, if there are they are keeping quiet about it through shame, that is what kept me quiet for so many years. I now know different.

Do something about the primary problem of paedophile/haebophiles and maybe society will begin to see anti social behaviour begin to decrease.

Please take up the cause of the adult survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse as we feel we are on our own and need someone to stand up for us.

Mr Blunkett CSA not only destroys dreams but it destroys lives and families. In the last year I know of four survivors who had enough and took their own lives such is the stigma of being abused.

If you require further information on Childhood sexual Abuse and its impact on society please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number if you wish to call me is ***** ******

Thank you for your time

Yours Sincerely

I have also sent one to Tony Blair with the letter to David Blunkett enclosed and thgis one read:

Tony Blair PM. MP
10, Downing Street

7th April 2005

Dear Mr Blair.

I had the pleasure of meeting with David Blunkett this afternoon where I expressed my concerns at the lack of action with regard paedophiles/haebophiles living within the community.

I have enclosed a letter I passed on to Mr Blunkett and ask the same questions of you.

Mr Blair you may have put more money into Victim Support. However Victim Support do not have the expertise to handle victims of childhood sexual abuse even when they are adults, this needs very specialist handling as the victim is usually in such an emotional state that one wrong word could push them over the edge. I have lost four fellow survivors this last year because there was no support out there for them, they all took their own lives and the three of them were in their mid forties, that is a very long time to live with those type of memories.

As you will see from the enclosed letter I was the whistle blower with regards Jonathan Kings sexual perversions but I never got my day in court and so missed out on any sense of closure, why was this? Because the Crown Prosecution Service seems more interested in obtaining a conviction whereas any justice for the victims disappears entirely, there was no say for the remaining prosecution witnesses; we are just there to aid a conviction, as I say in my letter to Mr. Blunkett that happened to me not once but twice. Is this justice? I think not. Jonathan King got out after three years five months the survivors of his sexual abuse have a life sentence. How did the Parole Board release him on licence? When they state on their own website:

Home Secretary’s directions to the Parole Board issued under section Section 32(6) of the Criminal Justice Act 1991 where it states:

2. Before recommending release on parole license, the Parole Board shall consider:

III). Whether the prisoner has shown by his attitude and behaviour in custody that he is willing to address his offending behaviour by participating in programmes or activities designed to address his risk, and has made positive effort and progress in doing so;

Jonathan King by his own admission has not addressed his offending behaviour and his attitude and behaviour has not changed one iota as was witnessed on his release.

I understand that he is not allowed to move abodes but has done so already moving from his home to the Shepherds Bush Hilton in the early hours of 30/03/2005. I also understand that he is not allowed to a harass his victims but he appears to take no notice of that and continues to ridicule us from his personal website that he managed whilst in Maidstone prison.

However that is not what annoys me. What does annoy me is the total lack of support from central government for resources for survivors of sexual abuse (of any age). The councilling service that is still supporting me receives no financial help whatsoever from central government even after attempting to gain some finances from the National Lottery. They need the money to employ professional therapist, survivors should not have to rely on the voluntary sector as this (and has) could prove fatal in people coming to terms with what has happened to them. Something needs to be done Mr Blair unless you want more dysfunctional adults going and binging every weekend. I was a very anti social person when drinking and that led to male prostitution, drug addiction, domestic violence, crime, five years in differing hospitals both general and psychiatric even receiving Electro Convulsive Therapy in one as it was thought I was clinically depressed after my third suicide attempt. Childhood Sexual Abuse produces dysfunctional children who grow into dysfunctional adults, it’s a vicious circle.

Mr Blair why is it that the British Crime Survey does not publish separate figures of children who have been raped as those figures are somewhat lost in the overall rape total. I have a suspicion that the rate of childhood abuse and rape is rising steadily and you could be blamed for letting down the abused child in this country.

You also say in your government releases that it is “easier to report such crimes”. This is a totally misleading statement and should read that “the government recognises just how difficult it can be to disclose such crimes” even as an adult and it is usually a personal crisis that brings about disclosure as what happened to me. I got sober after thirty plus years of active alcoholism and drug addiction and it was then that my memories started to reveal themselves I had nothing left to suppress them. I went on to get myself an education as I was expelled from school for defending myself against a bullying teacher without a qualification to my name. I went back into education in 1996 and entered university in 1997 when all hell broke loose with the arrest of Gary Glitter that was my trigger. I carried on with my studies but on reading of my original abusers (the ex Radio One deejay Chris Denning) arrest in the Czech Republic for abusing and filming boys as young as ten. At that point the floodgates opened and I suffered yet another breakdown just before sitting my final year exams, I was deeply disappointed as I still feel as though I had failed although the Institute of Archaeology at Birmingham University kindly awarded me an Aegrotat BA. I am one of the lucky one there are thousand and thousands of me out there who may not be as lucky.

I am a floating voter and I will vote for any party that comes up with workable solutions to control highly deviant individuals within our communities. I am afraid the buck stops with you, it is in your power to do something now at least support the services who support us and whose client bases are growing rapidly. Start with compulsory treatment of sex offenders whilst in prison as another paedophile cannot pull the wool over the eyes of another, much like an alcoholic cannot usually fool another alcoholic.

I doubt that you know that Jonathan King has an album coming out in the not too distant future entitled “Sexual Terrorist” and that is exactly what a number of children will be going through tonight when they are being sexually abused.

Please do something now to stop the likes of Ian Huntley and Roy Whiting from destroying another family. At the very least you could start listening to survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

I leave you with a comment from today’s Guardian (07/04/2005) with reference to the new centre for abused children in Manchester.

“The youngest child I have seen at St Mary's was seven months old," Cath White, the centre's clinical director, said. "The numbers are going up and we think they will go up even more”.

It is very important that this scheme now goes nationwide.

I thank you for your time

Yours Sincerely.

Now we have an election date the politician will be on the stump .... .... Grill them when they come knocking .... .... write letters emails etc, swamp them.

You can see me meeting with david Blunkett on my blog and that can be founfd here at:



#82956 - 04/07/05 11:34 PM Re: This makes ME Angry!!!
Archnut Offline

Registered: 10/26/02
Posts: 343
Loc: United Kingdom

I have just posted an email to Jon Ronosn

Here is what i said

Hello Jon

I have just heard a recordijg of your BBC Ulster interview, I notice on your forum that it was badly edited, in what way was that as you seem to give the impression that having a wank with a mature adult male is ok, remembrer it wasnt just a quick wank with me, some would say it was serious sexual assault I prefer to call it rape.

Is that still acceptable?

While we are about it why dont you sign my petition to get KIng removed from the BPI "man of the year" list, please feel free to give jonathan the web address or you can get it by logging onto my blog.

It sounds old son that you to have been well and truely groomed like your collegues Lynn Barber and Richard Stott, if that can happen to you how what chance did an impressionable teenage boy have?

Best wishes


I await his reply

If anyone else fancies dropping him a line here is his eamil address:

#82957 - 04/10/05 02:34 AM Re: This makes ME Angry!!!
Lloydy Offline
Administrator Emeritus
Registered: 04/17/02
Posts: 7071
Loc: England Shropshire
You keep banging on those tables, make people listen.

And remember that you are NOT ALONE.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.
Henry David Thoreau

#82958 - 04/21/05 01:03 AM Re: This makes ME Angry!!!
Archnut Offline

Registered: 10/26/02
Posts: 343
Loc: United Kingdom
Thought I would give you guys an update.

I have recently been having an email conversation with Jon Ronson the documentary maker, writer and journalist. I posted this on my blog last night, your welcome to visit. Here is last nights posting:

Some words of wisdom with regard to Jonathan King from one of our foremost journalists, Jon Ronson:

"I'll be glad to see him out. 7 years is too long for what he did". 05/02/2005

"Reading it back, it does seem a little long, but there were lots of interesting things to get one's teeth into - the workings of the Old Bailey (I do love hanging around the Old Bailey, which is the main reason why I did the story), the relationship between adults and children, historically, in the music industry, the 'shifting sands of morality', etc, etc.

Apparently JK is walking around prison with a t-shirt that reads "I'm a celebrity get me out of here". Lynn Barber visited him in prison and wrote a brilliant line, something like "all the things that made him irritating on the outside - all that bumptious enthusiasm - seem positivily heroic on the inside."

Anyway, JK writes to me a lot and sends Xmas cards, etc. He is still 100% certain of his innocence, although I never know if that means literally or metaphorically. I don't know how parole boards work, but I wonder if his refusal to admit any kind of guilt will count against him, or if being a model prisoner, which he surely is, is enough to get him released". 06/02/2005


It has been a very interesting last few days. After confronting Jonathan King in the Shepherds Bush Hilton. I was asked to take part in some radio interviews, one of these was for BBC Radio Ulster where I would answer the comments made by the writer, documentary maker and Guardian journalist Jon Ronson. I had met Jon through his documentary "The Double Life of Jonathan King" as I had taken part. After the phone in I banged an email off to his forum site, the email read:

Hello Jon

Having took part in the program with you and Steve Nolan, I too felt that my side was poorly edited as I never heard your unedited version maybe you would like to send me a copy then i maybe able to answer you a bit more clearly.

As you have not answered my email I take it you have nothing more to say, but do you think anal sex with a mature adult male is ok as you seem to think that masturbation is fine but as you well know it was not just a quick wank in my case or was that fine too? I was fifteen and very mixed up sexually courtesy of Chris Denning and his cohorts. Was he the one you regarded as evil or very much disturbed? Or was it Randall or the one I cannot mention for legal reasons?

And as for King being treated harshly would you say the same thing if King had done what he did to me to your son?

I see that someone else on this board has plugged my blog site so I will not duplicate it but feel free to sign the petition and that can be found here:

I bet you wish you had never touched the subject of Childhood Sexual Abuse but it did at least generate some discussion. And it would appear that the majority of Northen Ireland listeners do not agree with you but then again that is the journalists art.



He replied:

Oh Kirk,

You have read my article and seen the film. There's nothing I can do if I put forward both points of view and BBC Northern Ireland clearly decided, even though they said they wouldn't, to cut out the stuff when I was being supportive of the victims and only leave in the stuff where I was saying that this crime occupies a grey area.

Personally, I find it all very annoying, and I'm sorry you felt unfairly edited by them too.

I thin that with the JK case you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Anyway, you can't say I haven't been supportive of you, cos I have.

I never got an email from you. Maybe you sent it to an address I no longer use. I can't send the tape because it was a phone interview and only they have it. Maybe they can send it to you. Although I bet you they won't because it'll show that they have selectively edited me.

Who was I referring to when I said that one of JK's cohorts was evil? I don't think I should answer that question, although I would say it's clear that each of those Walton Hop men were very strange indeed in their ways. Very.

No, I don't think I would say that about JK if one of the victims had been my son. (But he IS six). Also, I don't think a quick wank is fine. But I do think a quick wank with a fifteen year old doesn't deserve seven years. But, then again, JK didn't get seven years for that. He got seven years for anal sex with Chris Sealey.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you. I shivered a little when I heard reported that JK had said he had no idea who you were. Is that true? Is that what he said?


Something very, very interesting in that last paragraph all to do with shivers.

I sent him this:

Hi Jon

Yes King did say that.

As you know I confronted him with the help of The Sun in the Shepherds Bush Hilton, we had to hang about for a bit of a while in the underground car park. He was filming upstairs a fly on the wall documentary when one of the journalsits got to hear from the inside that they were going off to Hyde Park to do some stills. They returned within fifteen minutes. I was reintroduced to King by name and then King said "yes I'm well aware who his is .... but I have never met him before in my life".

I said my piece to him and that was that I seized back the power he had held over me for the last thirty five years. If you want the full story youll have to drop me a line at

Jon. Sexual abuse happens to six year olds as well I hope your lad doesnt get hoodwinked by some higly devient individual.

I may well contact BBC Radio Ulster, I have their number and contact name.



I then sent him this email:


I'm curious:

"I shivered a little when I heard reported that JK had said he had no idea who you were".

Make you break out in a shiver, what could you possibly mean?

New Blog Address:

Feel free to drop me an email at



And I received this last night:

"I just meant that it seemed very duplicitous of JK to deny ever having met you, when we both know that he did".

Very important word is "duplicitous"

That shiver I suspect was caused by the fact that Jon Ronson has just realised he has been well and truely groomed. Just Like Lynn Barber of the The Observer and Richard Stott of the Sunday Mirror

What do you think?

I have also learnt in the last few days that the guys that were also abused by King (and the others) do not hold it against me for coming forward, infact most if not all said that it had been a sort of relief, but I still know that there are other guys from Walton on Thames still walking round with that terrible secret. Most proberbly even their wives dont know. That is one hell of a place to be in.

I admire them in some ways. But in others I do pity them but I can certainly empathise with them ... ... If only they knew how sweet life can be without those continuous doubts about ourselves.

Disclosure is the most powerful weapon a survivor has, as at that minute of telling someone, the chains fall off and nothing is ever quite the same again. Your free and then the bloody hard works starts.

Take it easy


#82959 - 05/02/05 06:58 AM Re: This makes ME Angry!!!
PhillyPa Offline

Registered: 12/20/04
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Loc: Philadelphia, PA
Makes me angry, too! Once again, this country shows its IGNORANCE to the problem by ENABLING them. It's ashame that the recent deaths of children in Florida, have to be a BEACON of enlightenment to this SCREWED UP system. Whats the deal???

Who is this doing the synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funkin?

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