An NGO is not yet born but on the way. This new organization will be based in Geneva at first and will be registered in such a way that it will be recognized by the United Nations.
The aim of the organization is:
- to help and support children and adults who have been victims of sexual, psychological and physical abuse
- to provide a meeting place for professionnals (therapists, lawyers, policemen, doctors, politicians, social workers...)and survivors to talk about issues and provide and set up new projects.
- to exchange ideas and experiences across borders.

I have been asked help creating the base of an international network for the NGO and provide ideas for a few departments within the NGO such as a malesurvivor commitee and a commitee on therapeutic intervention (including art therapy).
A first meeting is set in Grenoble on the 22nd of January. If you are interested to participate (from wherever you are in the world) please make contact with me.
This organization is having the full support of Plaidoyers Victimes Organization in Quebec which will bring its expertise and network to this organization.
We believe that only an international group will overcome the politic reluctance of the national governments to tackle the issues and provide the appropriate support the survivors rightly deserve.

Mitakuye oyasin ! We are all related !