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#82821 - 12/14/04 04:15 PM Re: Sicko Academic Says Pedophilia "Sometimes Positive" (trigger)
learning2remember Offline

Registered: 10/21/03
Posts: 400
Loc: Europe
This vocabulary is over my head, but I think we need to address this.

I would appreciate it if professionals like Ken Singer and others could get access to the thesis and let us know what's up.

What's the deal with having access to the papter restricted? I've never heard of that?

It sounds like some academics are more interested in protecting a thesis than in protecting boys.

"This is not my shame, this is their shame." Mona Eltahawy

#82822 - 12/15/04 07:34 AM Re: Sicko Academic Says Pedophilia "Sometimes Positive" (trigger)
Ivanhoe Offline

Registered: 03/19/03
Posts: 1907
Sounds like the Devil, doesn't it, making murder sound like a reasonable study in the care and consideration of those who murder?
WOW, or what's his name who did the research on why Northern Europeans are mentally superior to African Americans.

This kinda of crap has to be questioned no matter in what form it is presented., there's a term. Does that mean a man who has several sons for whom he has a great deal of love?
I don't think so!!!

It's more like a man who stalks boys under 18 for the purposes of sexual gratification. That's not boy loving or loving boys, that's pedophilia, pure and simple.

God, it's like all of that shit going on with people who think that it's ok for a woman to have sex with an 8 or 12 year old. Give me a break.
"Leave the kids alone, sexually, at least until they're all 18. And then you better ask them, politely, if they want to have sex with you or not. Then see how far you get."

Next, we'll have mail order Ph.d's for Pedophiles who are seeking recognition and credentials in order to appear legitimate. This almost sounds like the beginning of that, doesn't it?

Peace, brothers,


"No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence."
George Eliot

#82823 - 12/16/04 02:34 AM Re: Sicko Academic Says Pedophilia "Sometimes Positive" (trigger)
estuardo Offline

Registered: 10/18/04
Posts: 45
Loc: ohio
Hey all,

******Possible Triggers***********

Hadn't posted in a while, but this piqued my interest.

This, as you know, isn't new stuff, and many have tried to "prove" otherwise. Check out this site:

Reality2k4, the article you posted was interesting, especially the last paragraph:

"Mr Yuill was struck off as a teacher by the General Teaching Council five years ago after being found guilty of gross professional misconduct when he worked at Oban High School.
The university said it was unaware of the action."

Gee, I wonder what "gross professional misconduct" they are talking about? You know, it's been proven that Kinsley did some very disgusting things, in order to "prove" his theories.(like having prison inmates force sex on 'under-aged' children, to see what response he would get, and many other sick, demented, burn-in-hell-I-hope stuff.

BTW, the NARTH web site has excellent articles regarding pedophilia, and how the APA has been trying to secretly have this disorder removed from the DSM-IV books for years now!


"I'm entitled to my opinion...even if it's wrong."

#82824 - 12/23/04 04:23 AM Re: Sicko Academic Says Pedophilia "Sometimes Positive" (trigger)
Archnut Offline

Registered: 10/26/02
Posts: 343
Loc: United Kingdom
Thought this maybe of interest especially afetr reading a "Stonewall" (A gay lobby group here in the UK) campaign banner reading "Sixteen its a start" when the age of consent for homosexual sex was lowered to sixteen a few years back, here the artice:

The report in several papers on Glasgow University post-graduate
student, Richard Yuill was symptomatic of the hysteria over pædophilia
that had crossed the academic boundary. Researching inter-generational
relationships between males, Yuill had been e-mailing former members of
the Pædophile Information Exchange (PIE). His e-mails were intercepted
by an academic on the continent and handed to the Scottish Mail on
Sunday for reporter Marcello Mega to add: "They reveal an organised
campaign to drive down the age of consent across Europe". Although the
department of sociology approved the subject of pædophilia as a
subject, Yuill's computer was seized and the secretary of the
University court, Mr Dugald Mackie launched an investigation while the
press went into overdrive.

I had a feeling this was going to happen whilst we are in the European Community they are going to try to equalize it throughout the community and I have a feeling it will go to the lowest, In spain the age of consent is thirteen.

This is almost pornographic

Best wishes for the season


#82825 - 12/23/04 04:18 PM Re: Sicko Academic Says Pedophilia "Sometimes Positive" (trigger)
Ivo Offline

Registered: 05/08/04
Posts: 267
Loc: Germany
Mr. Yuill did have a lot of contacts with paedophiles, especially with well known paedophile Tom O'Carroll (he was the president of PIE).
University only suggested that Mr. Yuill should change methods of collecting of data when scandal was discovered (that's all info I got from newspapers).

I think that the investigation was questioning did Mr. Yuill have right to present himself falsely in relation to research (I think that he presented himself as a paedophile to other paedophiles) and police said that nothing was done illegal in that respect.

There are many unanswered questions regarding the thesis and its evaluation as well as of real intentions of Mr. Yuill; we would need to be patient to see what is all about.

Regarding EU I must say that actually EU is imposing very sharp laws against paedophiles and sexual exploitation of children. Many member countries have laws that are totally out of date with huge holes for paedophiles. In all that the age of consent is the key point.
At the moment Germany, Spain and some other countries are on the pressure to change their laws on way to push up the age of consent. There are many realistic reasons and needs for that.
In Belgium and The Netherlands they already did this (as well as I think in Nordic countries few years ago). In the Netherlands was just two years ago legal to have sex with 12 years old boys and girls, and adult would be prosecuted only in case of complains of minor side. New cases and studies as well as new EU law against paedophilia (in this law is especially added seduction as major mean of exploitation of children and abuse, in other words law is recognising danger of brainwashing of kids) forced change in the legal system of the Netherlands; now the age of consent is strictly 16, any sex of adults with minors under that age is illegal and is abuse.

It is tragic that in many countries law makers are waiting to discover disaster and only after that they are forced to adjust laws to modern times and needs.
In developed countries now one of the biggest problem is Canada and its very bad law which is leading to situation of cases of legal child abuse (many international predators are quite aware of these facts and already had happened some serious cases). Good news is that new, much improved law is in procedure with higher age of consent (from 14 to 16).

Developing countries are also starting to be aware of problems, for example Brazil is introducing new changes in law with bigger penalties against paedophiles.
But in general there are still many huge holes world wide. I think that explosion in child sex tourism and pornography would soon bring more and more sharp laws and higher age of consent in many countries.

Regardless of this, in Britain is one of the big problems huge rate of teen pregnancies, it is the one of the biggest rates in all Europe. Some of the law makers in the UK are trying to say that they need to "legalize" this phenomenon by lowering the age of consent. In fact, as I know, there were three attempts to lower the age of consent in recent times but neither was successful.
It is up to all elements of society in UK to do something about this, especially on field of sexual education of kids.

UK paedophiles are very "active" domestically and internationally, lawmakers should be extremely aware of this as well.

Best wishes for the season to all,

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