I would like to announce the very first conference on sexual abuse of boys and men in Ireland. Here is the title of the conference:

"Sexual Violence Against Males
Impacts, Identity and Survival Strategies"

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th September 2004
Quality Hotel, Oranmore, Co. Galway
The key speakers are going to be:
Mike Lew
Internationally acclaimed expert and renowned author of “Victims No Longer” and “Leaping upon the Mountains”
Ian Warwick
Senior lecturer, Huddersfield University. Expert on issues relating to male sexual abuse. Rape Crisis Survivor Movements’ activist for over 20 years
Bob Balfour
Survivor activist. Founder of Survivors West Yorkshire and co-founder of the Survivors Trust. Mental health social worker.
Colm O’Gorman
Leading Campaigner and Founder and Director of “One in Four”, an organisation with branches in Ireland and the UK, which works to support men, and women who have experienced sexual violence.
Fiona Neary - National Coordinator,Rape Crisis Network Ireland representing 16 Rape Crisis Centres

I will be lucky to be one of the participant. I will have the privilege to meet again with some professionals met at the "Healing the healers' workshop" who are men and women working with male survivors.
Guys, I can tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! There are wonderful people out there (volunteers, psychiatrists, therapist, social workers...)who are doing a wonderful job. They are dedicated, strong, funny, humble and skilled !
I hope to be able to write an article about this conference. If some of you are going, well I would love to meet you in Galway !

Speak soon \:D

Mitakuye oyasin ! We are all related !