This is the type of shit us survivors have to put up with in the UK. This guys in prison for fucks sake!

Dear Tony Blair,

This does not concern my own case directly (the appeal process is ongoing).

I have become increasingly concerned by the language and attitude of your ministers regarding the pursuit of sex offence allegations. In tabloid fashion, policy appears concentrated on only one kind of "victim".

Never, in all the fresh restrictions and laws, is the possibility considered that the motives for false allegations may exist.

Your approach towards anonymity for the accused ignores the fact that other crimes demand evidence and proof of guilt. Since Michael Howard changed the law in the 90's, no corroboration is needed other than one person's word.

This presumes total integrity for the accuser. But, quite apart from genuine delusion and the natural tendency to inflate or exaggerate after time, especially where celebrities are concerned, this does not take into account financial greed, desire for revenge or attention, and the numerous other reason to invent false accusations.

It presumes that the police are independent in their enquiries and do not,in fact, behave in a tunnel visioned fashion (a natural inclination, at best, but inspired by corruption or ambition at worst).

I'm not saying that there are never cases of rape or historic abuse, but surely a good law protects ALL parties equally?

When I met you (at that Springsteen concert) I said to John Preston that you could be the first Labour Prime Minister in a long time. You are. I considered you (and still do) to be a decent and honourable man.

If you could see, as I do, at first hand the appalling tragedies of innocent victims of false allegations and the increasing amount of prison space (not to mention media space) devoted to making monsters out of harmless individuals,
as well as the ruined lives, careers and families, you would weep.

I would bet you there are FAR more victims of false allegations or exaggeration
than there are rapists and abusers.
Yet the law, increasingly, ignores this.
And the thousands added to the Sex Offenders Register simply muddy the waters
so the REAL evil people slip away in the confusion.

Please give this serious consideration. I cannot stress too strongly how important it is. The legacy of the current tabloid/Max Clifford approach willbe disastrous.

Best wishes,



Oh yes this appeared also it reads:

Did I tell you about the strange letter I got at Belmarsh almost three years
ago? I had many anonymous letters there. A few abusive; some supportive. This
one was strange. Written on parchment, it felt, in an old quill pen, but quite
readable. The writer was full of distress about my trial. She (I assumed a
female) said I was an honest, decent, honourable man and should not worry.
I would emerge from this a better and happier person. Then she went on
to predict bad karma for those involved. But it was very vague. What caught
my attention was when she said "two of the eleven jurors involved in your
wrongful conviction will die within three years... indeed, one is already dead".
There was no way I could verify that but what struck me was... how did she
know there were only eleven jurors (one walked out in disgust at the
considerations of the others on the first day and gave me a sympathetic look
when I saw her getting into the lift by the restaurant, but this had not been
reported anywhere).

Another prediction stated that "someone not directly involved but who encouragec
others to lie will shortly discover a close relation is terminally ill".

Some months later I read that Max Clifford's wife had been diagnosed with cancer.
A third comment was that "a judge involved in your case, who you met years
ago, will die very shortly".

I thought that was absurd. I'd never met Judge Paget, the only judge at my
trial. However I did peruse the papers, especially when two Old Bailey judges
were rumoured to have been caught in Operation Ore (no further news or names
on that?).

Last week. Lord Justice Kay died aged 60. In reading his obituary, I discovered
he was, in fact, John Kay who had visited me twice at Cambridge, where we were
both students in 1964. He had been the presiding judge at my appeal.
Very strange. If you are that person, or wrote that letter, do please contact
me at *******************,***************and this time give
your name and address. The other many predictions, involving claimants and
police and lawyers, were equally fascinating. I'm not a believer, but this

Done my hypocondria a power of good.

"And all that was left was hope"

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