Every day is a struggle
Every day my hand is upon the hammer
What was pure was taken
Can Jesus fill that hole
Can Jesus remove that stain
I beg for strength
I beg for freedom
Innocent to the world
Innocent to the wisdom of sin
Does not his holy blood poor upon my wounds
Does not Jesus weep at my scars
That water seems to elude me
That everquenching water
Jesus served all
Jesus is a price I am not worthy of
A treasure of heaven
A treasure above the clouds
God so loved me, even me
God alone knows why
Can I this time
Can I take his gift
There is joy there
There is peace upon the waters
Do I dare open the door to my heart
Do I this time take the cup of life
With prayer and fasting
With hope and thanksgiving
Pray for the lost sinners
Pray for the wandering sheep
Dear God I am so low
Dear God I am beneath you
Give me that piece of my soul
Give me the missing pieces of my heart
That I may serve is all I ask
That my pain might make another whole