Written for my wife.....not all days have to be bad ones

morning storm

early sunday morning
i awake to a rumbling sky
i feel your skin against me
i see the intent in your eye

the intimacy slowly grows
as we share this beautiful time
the heat from your body ignites me
i melt as your lips meet mine

thunder passes as passion glows
the clouds play their music for us
embracing and moving so slowly
this closeness between us is trust

the bed we share rises up in the air
you make me as high as can be
the sound of the rain so soothing
i can feel how much you love me

lightning sheds a flash in my mind
your beautiful image of blue
closing my eyes and absorbing
realize my love for you

through my skin you touch my soul
the greatest thing i'll ever know
asleep in my arms i hold you close
shedding a tear unknown

this love you show me means so much
this feeling so deep and strong
in peace and at ease i drift to sleep
as the storm continues its song