For all here united in healing:) \:\)

I share after hours of bizarre nightmares
I reach for my "black blood" of writing

I believe my hidden scars had enough scares
I rely on life's memories that are exciting

I bare my soul hoping to encourage others
I must fight & never be in silenced HELL

I find here spirited sisters & brothers
I no longer fear my monster's deadly gel

I sense my Recovery Roller Coaster again turns
I am entering a tunnel with no turning back

I no longer am shamed from a priest's rope burns
I lose sight of my neighbor's torture shack

I reach out with Celtic energy of the trees
I give only the best of our Mother Earth

I hope you're comforted by each spring breeze
I will end this from my inner kid's worth:) \:\) \:\)

United in force with Gloria Gaynor energy, "I WILL SURVIVE!" Just me, John C. Ireland:) \:\) \:\)