Show Daddy

Show Daddy how much you love him.
Show Daddy how much you need him.
Show Daddy how much he means to you.

Yes, Daddy, I'll do that for you.
Yes, Daddy, no matter how much it hurts.
Yes, Daddy, no matter how ashamed it makes me feel.

Daddy loves his little boy.
Daddy needs what his boy does for him.
Daddy will dry your tears, even as new ones fall.

Yes, Daddy, I'll take the hug.
Yes, Daddy, I'll ignore the things you make me do.
Yes, Daddy, I know that love hurts too.

Daddy will put you on your knees.
Daddy will make you show him love.
Daddy will strip you naked and make you small.

Not anymore.

You were never my Daddy, you liar!
You were NEVER my Daddy, you monster!
You were NEVER MY DADDY you fucking pervert!

Between the vomit that you made spill from me,
I feel my life returning.
The life you stole from me.



There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies