Thought I'd finish today with a happy one to counter all the evil imagery I had to get out! \:D

Spectral Blue

Spectral Blue is the color of the sky at early morning.
Before the sun rises and takes over the land.
It glows with a light all it's own, pale and pure,
Shimmering to compete with the stars.
Not quite black, but not day-sky tone either,
It paints the trees against the horizon that much blacker.
Fingers stretched toward the heavens.
It lights the clouds, a pure white that can't be described.
They compete with the moon, now muted against
The glow and cloud-fires around it.
It is a beautiful thing, no?
Spectral blue is the color of winter's cold.
No passion's warmth, but a distant beauty
Like a spriggran against a field of shamrock green.
A removed glory that makes it no less glorious.
Perhaps more glorious because it can belong to all and noone.
Spectral blue is the color of my soul at peace.

Peace and love,
Scot \:D

There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies