Sin Eater

I am imperfect.

Low before others.

Fallen and damned.

But I remember the man I was,
I feel the goodness that once I had.
I was something better than this.
I had value.

My own failings tear at my heart and I am consumed
By the pain that I've caused.
The damage I've done.
And I walk the world until He comes again
Earning the right to even be judged by Him
By paying my penance forever.

I feel the agony, the heartache of others harmed
And I try to take away the pains of their torment.
I can't and that is the most shameful sin of all,
For while I have truly earned my punishment
They have done nothing wrong.

So I take their cause up to you, Lord,
And I call out from the depths of their despair.
Let me take their pain onto myself.
Let them be liberated from the burdons
of what has been done to them
By hanging it onto me.
Let me take their place at Perdition's gate
And let them be free of torment that shouldn't be theirs.
It is no small thing I ask you, Lord,
To take the place of another in final imprisonment,
But I have offended you somehow, I know,
And they have not.
The crimes against me are many, Lord,
But if I have a chance of salvation and comfort,
Why aren't they?

So, I ask you, God Almighty, like your Son did for us,
Let me pay for their redemption.
I ask for this willingly.

If I am damned, Lord, so be it.
If I'm to be cast into Hell, so be it.
But let me take their sins with me
And welcome them into your Kingdom with open arms.

They've seen their share of Hell already.



There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies