Now Is All the Time We'll Have

(Inspired by Thomas Harris' quotes attributed to H. Lecter)

You say we have tomorrow.
An endless amount of sunrises.
An infinite number of chances
To make things right,
To make the right choices,
To say what must be said.
We hurt people and later say,
"Well, I'll apologize tomorrow.
"I'll make up for it tomorrow."
We look at the cigarette, or the bottle, or the line,
And say, "I'll quit later.
"I'll never drink again.
"I'll stop after this next hit."
We don't reckon time in the same way.

Now is all the time we'll have
To take control of our lives.
Now is the moment we have
To say what needs be said.
Our wives, lovers, families,
May not be here when we have the time.
They may not want to hear later
What we have to say.
I may be hit by a bus while on the curb
And not have another chance to act.
Later isn't a guarentee
And later can't be undone.
When we need to make up for actions done
Is the second after we do them.
Not the second later.
Not tomorrow.
But now.
We can't reckon time in the same way anymore
Because there may not be more in the bank.
I have to say what I need now.
I need to listen to you now.
Not later.

And I will listen now.



There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies