Jotted this down & thought it required a complete re-write. Realised it was 12 year old version of myself writing, so here it is!

I sat in my pushchair
Not yet quite 2
My sister and her friends
On the see-saw, swings and plank
The sun shining brightly

A gentleman of the road
Left the nearby trees
My sister and her friends
Saw some immediate terror
Their legs moved so sprightly

But there was no danger there

I stood on the riverbank
Not yet quite six
My sister and her friends
Eating sandwiches in the grass
The sun shining brightly

I saw a golden fish
Swimming amongst the glistening reeds
My sister and her friends
Saw me dive in
And they panicked almighty

But there was no danger there

I surfaced at the other side
Although I could not swim
My sister and her friends
Pulled me from the summer water
And held me oh so tightly

Oh there was no danger there

I wondered on the journey
I was not quite nine
My sister and her friends
Still shared the same school
I had to start anew

The chlidren were in cliques
That I never understood
My sister and her friends
Would welcome anyone in
But they were far away

There was no danger! Where?

Made some new friends
And had some good laughs
Then at just turned eleven
Changed my school again
My sister wasn't there

Another year on at school
And things got worse
Lost my best friends
Like some kind of curse
Who was there? Who was there?

There was danger in the air

Met a person, not a complete stranger
Who showed me such care
Told me that I was wonderful
A young man, a shark
Something powerful beyond compare

There was danger - how was it there?

The bastard took me right in
I vanished inside of myself for years
Until at 32 I tried to lift the curse
But it didn't really work
Two years on I tried again

Danger in my mind and in the air

I took that step
The greatest ever taken
Now I have hope beyond compare
I need to remind you my friends
This is hope that you can share

Danger??? Spring is in the air!!!


*Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
*I was seeking a way of expressing my anger - I found hope!
*There are many battles before the war is won! It can be won!