(Inspired by "Hurt" by T. Reznor)

Left with what you gave me,
Sinking and alone.
No emotion save the emptiness
of realizing all your lies.
I pick up the knife of my mind,
And cut across my soul.
All the numbess leaves, replaced by
The horrible, delicious pain of your gift.

I hurt myself today
To prove that I still feel.

Feel, yes, but what do I feel?
The joy of your betrayal
Or the ecstacy of your rage?
Why do I need to feel the poison
Of your wicked lies and acts?
Does it seem more real somehow
When I become your victim again?
Will I always wear your crown of thorns?

I hurt myself today
To prove that I still feel.

The King of Pain forever is something
I don't wish to be.
You brought this reign on my head
And I cannot bring myself to leave
The throne of your sorrows.
Soul-weary, but tired of being your puppet,
I leave the castle you built around me.
There is more pain in the sun, but also fresh air.

And I will not take your pain.
I won't wear your crown of shit.
I'll lay down the knife you gave me.
And erase the scars of time.
They will never fade completely
But they will not be in view.
And I will not dig more wounds
Because I'm tired of being trapped by you.

I won't hurt myself tomorrow
Because I think I feel.



There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies