He will always be there
In your dreams and in your life
In your past and in your future
But dont be afraid

He mutilated your very soul
Attacked your childish innocence
Ground every fibre of your being into the mud
But dont be afraid

He broke all the rules
Turned you into an adult
Dumped you with the responsibility for his heinous crime
But dont be afraid

You're reaching out, getting help
Living more and learning more
You're slowly plying yourself from his poisinous claws
So dont be afraid

You're growing, living, loving
He is dying, fading, getting weaker
You have the power now, and he will pay
So dont be afraid

The day will come, one day
You'll be smiling, laughing, Safe
You'll be strong, confident, in control
You wont be afraid

But he will

Its not about how low you fall, its about how high you bounce