Hey anyone/all who has/have private messaged me, sorry, but I have not figured out how that part of this system works . . . (I thought I did, but it keeps coming back with an error)

Anyway -- You asked about working on forgiveness stuff on side email . . . . For my end of it, I vastly prefer the open forum.

We can sidebar message if you want, but for any of my serious work on me, I really, really, (really, really \:\) ) need group accountability.

You had asked if I thought forgiveness was the end of this . . . My answer would be . . . No, because I am close enough to what appeared to be the end to get a better view, and I think forgiveness is just the end of the bad part, but is only the beginning of the good part.

So I guess I should get started (one of these days \:\) )

And then of course the real work (AND REWARD!) -- (you know the 12th step of most of the 12 step programs?)

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to [insert your problem, here \:\) ] and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

That is what forgiveness is about (at least for me). I don't just get me free, I get the keys to set my perp free, and as many others as I may help who may be stuck along the path.

And (so far) I am still just too fearful and selfish to "graduate" and get to work.

I guess it is not too self-flattering, but it is the truth.

See you,