To God we pray
for food, for health
in everyway

Some close their eyes
while others toast
to say a prayer
that means the most

A sense of strength
that keeps us going
to count on help from
from one all knowing

To shape our lives
to help us grow
we turn to Thee
to help us see

To show a way
when we're afraid
to spread the joy
to feel no shame

We pray when young
We pray when old

We look to you
for help and care
with just one thing
a simple prayer

There is a light
be it day or night
that drives us on
that keeps us right

We look to this
to lead the way
to keep us going
just one more day

I feel some pain
and some delight
but it really seems
like one big fight

I push my chin up
when I can
but that's not often
because pain demands

I wish I could
touch the light
that's said of you
to pull me through
this mass of glue

I know there's an end
to this grief and dismay
We'll that's what You say
I pray it's today

Where was God during our pain? Was this one of the sins we're born with? Are we paying all this just for you? Thanks God for protecting me...thanks a whole bunch.

WoR Kirkridge '08
WoR Alta Advanced '09
International Conference '10, '12, '14
Oprah 200, and "Silence Buster" Contibuter
NYC Support Group
WoR Alta Advanced '12