Wandering in the recesses of the mind.
A multifacted jewel, delicate and unending.
Tread lightly, lest we break the crystal
And let our essence mix uncontrolled.
A frightening thought, totality of self
so easily disturbed, so lightly unbalanced.
But it is who we are, for better or worse.
Far better to let it blend on its own.
A mirculous solution, made from bitter and sweet.
Yet it is who we are, for better or worse.
Some days more better than worse.
That's the important thing.
Do not dwell on that which is harsh
On its own, though easily done.
Concentrate on that which is soft and good.
For that's the balance that makes us whole.
Not perfect, as the wine of autumn,
But very drinkable and desirable.
Perhaps, like the Madeira of the Gold Coast,
It is the gentle rhythm of our feet
Through the maze of our complex selves
that makes the blend strong and sweet.
The search adds something to us, a flavor
That is imperfect, but complete.
A gentle rolling round the corners of our maze,
which makes us a vintage most coveted.

A little weird, but eminently drinkable. Like we all are, brothers... :rolleyes:

Peace and love,

Scot \:D

There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies