The Passion

Lay me on the cross you made
Then pound in the nails you forged.
Raise me up on ropes you wove
And leave me in the pain you caused.

Oh, Father, why have you abandoned me?
Shed my blood for another's desire?
Is redemption worth the cost I pay,
When it's not my soul that needs it?

The comfort of dying is in the stillness.
I only feel against my skin
The winding cloth of the grave, the soothing
Touch of wine, vinegar, and spice.

Lay me in the tomb of darkness.
Bury me in the silence of my shame.
I hear the rock roll shut the door,
Covering up my sin and death.

But, oh, I see beyond the night
A light of truth, life and healing.
Lifting me up and binding my wounds.
Freeing me from the Hell all consuming.

I shove the boulder from my path.
Step into the brightness of the day.
The wind of Spring celebrates the life
Returned to me. Free! I live again!

We all will see this day, brothers.

Peace, love, and redemption!

Scot \:\)

There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies