Ah,wind, blow cold upon my cheek
My cheeks are red, and I am small
And buttoned up against the cold and snow
And walking now out in the cold
But for what
There's nothing in the darkness
Call out...."hello"...an echo
Strange how lonely echoes sound on snowy nights

And there he stands above me...him
His coat unbuttoned to the cold and blowing in the wind
So tall he is and looking down at me
Upon a mountain?
Who can tell?
Just tall and strong and evil in some darkish way.

Strength is what I feel from him....raw strength
And I am drawn to that
To him
And up the hill I climb
His eyes drawing me up to where he his
So trance-like now my journey
I no longer feel the cold
Just him
Just strength
And some strange pull within

He's in there now
Inside my body
Feeling around inside
Holding me with one hand while the other.....
So large the hand
I feel so empty....cavernous, inside
The hand so free to search around
To scrape around inside me
while he holds me tight
No pain
Just stiffen now
And after time
His hand is gone
So empty
So empty now inside
So limp now in his arms
So tired.....tired....sleep

And then again, I wake up in the cold and snow
He's gone
I am alone
And yet I know he's out there in the storm
His strength is still around me
Still holds me close
Still holds me in this place of ice and snow
And I know that he will return
And stand upon his mountain there and beckon me
And I will go
Will want to go
Will need to go
But why?

Trance-like I will go
And be held tight
And he will do his things to me
Because it is the way it is
And he is there, the strength within the storm
And I belong to him
I am his
It is

And so, I go

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.