Thankfully I'm moving away from it
Although thankfully it seems not enough
Maybe we are both insane
Though I must say we had better quit
For who knows what might happen if we were
To be in the pit

Now listen carefully
For you shall now know
No one ever has had to fight this foe
Through mist and caves
Through tribes in mountains
It seems I'm getting over it
But it seems not enough

Through Tigers and small yellow beasts'
Through beautiful California
And through rebels in Africa
Is is not enough
You have made me sick through trial & error
There are many of these things I could not bare
But for one of these things you would fit right in the chair

And so be it
Thankfully it's gone
Guzzumetite a sneeze
It does seem to make me wheeze
But with a solid surface
And a strong base
I shall always have fate