Unconditional acceptance of true identity
Running and hiding only deepen shamed scars

A fury of emotions awaiting necessary release
Eventual denial will only lead to a permanent end

Numbed at times like a contiunuous morphine drip
Desperately deadening life-threatening actions

Facing monsters always produces paralyzing fears
Framing clear focus on revolting lurking body parts

Hating that I had to share maturity by sadistic rape
More perplexing with robbed innocence by trusted others

Grateful with renewed comprehension that I was presented tools
Granting powers for survival when all came crashing down

Close to suicidal schemes seemed to be the only answer
As the darkness invaded soul, body, heart, and mind

On a blustery raw day of spring I reach for truth
Anxiously feeling that everything is finally making sense...

For unconditonal others who always remain...
May 2003
John C. Ireland