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#80787 - 08/16/02 04:17 PM Just A Boy
The Dean Offline
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Just A Boy
He was, virtually, just a boy
Roaming around in the deep dark of the woods.
It was the only world he knew
dark, scary, cold, filled with danger.
he screamed and kicked and sobbed,
but the cold dark was always still there.

?why do I have to live in the dark?
why all this hurt and pain?
why am I alone?
why can?t I get out of here?
can anyone hear me?
Let me go! Let me go!
I hate the dark---dark... dark? echoed.
terrifying him all the more.

One day he saw something far ahead of him
he couldn?t imagine what it could be.
It got brighter as he drew closer, then
suddenly, he realised, it was light

There was a different world beyond the dark woods.
There were streets and cars and people,
houses, flowers all manner of things.

Across the street, and down a ways
there were children playing ball,
running and yelling and having so much fun.

Suddenly, his heart nearly stopped,
coming up the street were cars with adults in them
and walking toward the children were more adults.

?Run! Run?, he screamed,
?grown ups are coming! grown ups are coming
Run, run for your lives!?
But they ignored him, acted like they didn?t hear him.
Just as he feared, the adults came right to the children,
put their arms around the kids!
tossled their hair, acting friendly!
they walked them down the street
or put them in cars and took off.
Those poor kids were laughing and talking--
they had no idea of the danger they were in!

He ran after some of them.
He watched which houses they went into.
He waited, then crept up to a window.
Looking inside he was astonished.
The kids and the adults were all talking,
they were happy and laughing,
eating lots of food and telling stories.

Something very odd is happening here.
The children got up, one by one,
they kissed the woman, and then they kissed the man.
Then he saw the kids go get books and start to read
and sometimes they were writing something.

Something is terribly wrong here,
everyone seems safe, there is no fear
they are happy.
And those adults went and sat
beside the kids and together they read the books
talked and wrote something on the papers,
and for God?s sake, the adults were hugging the kids
and those kids hugged right back.
Oh God, it is going to be so awful!
Damn adults, savages, they love to hurt kids.

After awhile, the kids got up,
put their books away,
the lady brought them a snack
then they went off somewhere.

He watched the adults for a long time after that
but the went into a room by themselves.
They did not harm those kids that night.

He slept under a bush in a park.
This was all too confusing to him.
What kind of things happen to people when they are in this light?
He told himself that he would have to be
very very careful, these grown ups
had some clever tricks he did not know about.
The next morning he walked around
trying to understand this strange world
trying not to show how terrified he was.

He noticed people going into a brick building,
one after the other, men and women and even kids
all going into this building.
What do you imagine must go on in that place?
A sign said, ?St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute.?
He could not know if this was a safe place or not.
He would take his time,
can?t move too quickly on something like this.

After an old women entered
he sneaked in right behind her.
Hmmmm, nothing too awful so far.
He wandered around
then followed two adults into a room.

Frightening place this room, no kids around.
Maybe this is where grown ups come to plot against kids.
The people in the room were nice to each other,
a common trick of adults.

These were very strange people!
They started to talk about the dark
about how frightened they had been in it
how bad it was and how they wanted to feel safe.
These adults knew about his dark woods
maybe they would not be as dangerous as most adults.
They talked and they cried,
they laughed, and even hugged each other.

Day after day he went back to that room.
he did not know what drew him.
All he knew is that being there made him feel better.
He listened, and he heard new things,
he heard of healing, of hope, of love and of caring.
He heard people saying they will be safe for each other.
He heard them talk about being kids
and the bad things that happened when they were kids.

The more he listened the more happy he became
but then, oh yikes, someone saw him!
Damn, he thought sure he had hid himself so well.
?How about you? they asked.
Tell us your story.

So, then it all began. He started to talk,
he continued to listen.
The people said that they liked him,
told him he belonged with them
he did feel safe among them
--even though they were adults.

Something was happening to him.
Sometimes it hurt so bad he cried and got sick
other times it was so wonderful he wanted to sing and dance.
And then one day a miracle happened.
He walked into the room
and he knew in his heart that
he too was an adult.
It felt so good to be an adult,
to be a man, a strong, healthy man.

No longer a kid in the fearsome dark.
He knew that he never had to go back to the dark
But even if he did, he would no longer fear it
he would know how to get out of it safely.

Is this real, he asked himself
is life in the light always like this?
will people always be there to help?
If he leaves this room, will he be safe
will he be happy, will he still be an adult?

Yes, yes, they all said!
You are ready, you can go in safety
You are light now, you can share light
no longer a child of the dark,
you are a child of light,
so go Bob!, be not afraid!
you are not that boy anymore
the dark woods are no longer fearsome.
You are no longer alone.
Go Bob, go live in the warm, loving, light!

And so he did!
Bob Wheelock

If we do not live what we believe, then we will begin to believe what we live.

#80788 - 08/17/02 11:31 PM Re: Just A Boy
Lightfang Offline

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Thank You, Thank you so much.
I really needed this today. I was feeling a bit down and wanted so badly to find something here to make me feel better. I was able to shed tears. Thank you so much. It helped a great deal.


"Please love and protect all children, they are the future of us all!!"


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