Darkness descends on my house
it descends on my room
a room of darkness
a room full of fears

All alone in his fears
his eyes flooded by tears
he hugs his bear with nobody there
when he cries, nobody hears

Boys dont cry, they dont flood in tears
this is not the boy daddy needs
changed from all existence
into something that fears

He fears not being close and being near
crying in the silence of the darkness of night
eyes open and crying to himself so silent
listening to the slightest movement in his home

He listens to everything, he holds even his breath
to listen for danger in his home
he hugs his bear tightly
every night in his fears

If he sleeps at night
voices awaken him through fear
nightmares and terror strike through
like the deepest knife

They cut through the inner boy life
he cant sleep, not tonight
scared of those nightmares taking him away
not till dawn, when he feels safe, and dream

Dawn is too late to sleep really
but he sleeps like a baby
he is comforted by light and not dark
darkness is hurt to the little boy hurt

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!