Can't come out.
Can't feel.
Can't think.

Mad at everyone.
At the world.
You exist, so I hate you.
You exist, so you hate me.
What happened to me is your fault...
No matter who you are.

Like me, goddamn you!
Stop. Stop looking at me that way.
Stop thinking those things about me.

I don't know you.
How do you know me?
How do you know what I'm thinking?
Do I show it?
Do I look frightened?

Stay away!
Don't come closer.
I'm all a wounded dog...trying to get to you, yet running each time you reach for me.

You are all frightening.
I cannot feel.
If I feel, you will know me.

There is nothing.
I am nothing.

If I jump into the air, will I disappear?
Will I dissipate into the clouds, turn into mist?
Nothing...there is nothing................

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.