Boy of beauty is how he is born
Birthed into the beauty of this World
His boyhood beauty taken away

Lost in the dustbin of life
Like he sometimes lives outside of life
People talk about him like he is not there
Who are these people? Who just don't care.

He wants you, he seeks you he wants you to share
But he cannot do that because no-one is there
He cries so much that nobody hears
He cries so much through childhood tears

There are so many tears that he tells himself
He can get past it, and he did, thru his fears
He taught himself to be strong before he was a man
And it hurt him to not be the child

So he just stifles his tears in his child mind, and sometimes it hurts.

He sees a life of childhood tears, he sees a mind of childhood fears, his fears are still there that he fears be found, the little boy in his mind is bound, by them fears.

He is never far away from the hurt and shame, he is never too far from the tears and blame, so why should he shy for something not his, people see him as though he is not there, so he he hides in the corner through his own despair.

People can be faceless figures in my life, like they dont have any expression of what life really is about, like a mannekin in a shop window, a piece of plastic that has no emotion.

So where do I fit in, cos i never really know,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!