To say I'm mad would be an understatement
To say I cried would be an understatement

The man lived in our house as a shell
Dealing with his own inner hell
I tried to do my best
The abuse I never confessed
I kept it to myself for you
You went through it too
I know how you feel now dad
I want you to come back
I miss it when you would carry me on your back
I miss the way you would smile down at me
Even when I fell of my bike and skinned my knee
You would pick me up and dust me off
Put me back on and I would take off
I'd see you behind me
Always there to guide me
But now you aren't there
You stopped being there when you would leave
I think the first time I was about 3
I'd stay up and wonder where you went
Be asleep when in you crept
Your personality changed and I knew it pained
You to walk around feeling blue
I stuck up for you when people talked
I stuck up for you everytime you walked
Out of the house quiet as a mouse
Your car not in the driveway spoke volumes I should say
Now you're gone for good, gone not dead
As I dream about you while I'm in my bed
Walked out for the last time, leaving your little boy with the gift of rhyme
I'm sorry I never told you and held it from you
But now I can say it without delaying it
I love you dad and I miss you, your baby Nyjah will always be there for you

Every corner, every city
There's a place where life's a little easy
Little Hennessy, laid back and cool
Every hour, cause it's all good
Leave all the stress from the world outside
Every wrong done will be alright
Nothin but peace, love
And street passion, every ghetto needs a thug mansion