I hate you because you are not here to help me
To comfort me

I look for you
I wait for you
I know that any minute you will walk through the door
Be here with me
Hold me
Help me feel safe in a world that brings me only fear.
I feel your presence sometimes
I really do
All around me.
My heart races in anticipation...
And I wait to hear your footsteps at the door.

But you never come.

You are my hope
You are the one who will make it all right
You are the one who will enfold me in love
You will bring me the love I never had
You will guard me as at last I close my eyes in peace
At last find rest.

I hate you
I need you
I love you
I wait for you

You must, you must, you must find me in the darkness and save me!

You are my hope...my rescuer...the one who will protect me...

Oh, God...please

Where are you?...I'm waiting.
Why is it that you never come?

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.