When I am in a good place in my soul,
I take a respite then from all the anguish in my heart.
I push it out and build a dome around my thoughts.
I know it's out there, ready to come in,
And that I must deal with every memory...
One by one,
And I will do that,
For I know that now I have
That thing it takes
Whatever it may be...that thing...
A strength..a strong resolve
To go inside and clean those memories out
No matter what they are...or where.

And as I do that more and more,
I recognize this Bobby man,
This part of me on printed page
Who says the things I want to say
And feels the things I want to feel
And cries at others' pain,
And dares to be exactly who he is.

I like this guy,
And slowly, I can see
That he is who I might have been
Had I not gone inside,

And who I still can be.

I've never liked myself,
But I like him
And marvel at the man I can become
If only I keep up the fight.

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.