What Do They See?

The pictures I remember
"Daddy" taking must have
Surely been seen by other
Prying, ass-like eyes.

What do they see
When they look at them?
I wonder, do they see
Confusion and fear?

Or do they only see
What the pictures show?
A child, fat, naked,
Spreadeagled, trying to please?

If they could know
The thoughts behind
The image, would they
Be "turned on" still?

Or would they remember
A time when they were
Scared and confused
Like I was?

I wasn't "turned on"
By "Daddy's" urgings.
I was showing him the
"Love" he wanted to see.

Everything I did for him
Was to make him love his "son."
Did he see that, or did he
See only what he wanted to see?

Perception equals realty.
I guess I was as aroused
As he was by the camera,
Words, thoughts, deeds, actions.

But I wasn't. He knew that.
They all should know that.
There isn't "horniness" in
These pictures, only confusion.

They were the grown-ups
I was taught to respect.
Boy, did I ever!
Even at risk to myself.

They should know, they all should,
The thoughts behind the pictures.
And perhaps that would change
What they all see.



There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies