a burning tear sinks into skin
the devil that hides within
as steam comes of thy breath
in the morning hours
not quite daylight
but not quite darkness
but do i really know anymore
do i really care anymore
if its night or if its day
this life now blends together
creating something torrid
do i take this shiney metal
and make it part of me
do i make outer scares match those within
tremble in fear at the very thought
of what was taken
or do i face reality
and accept what was given to me now
by the way lets speak of what was given
this gift that has now
become so vivid in my mind
do we speak of the day with drugs
or the nights of scream
or better yet the shakes that come and go
the anger that keeps me going
which also the same that makes me think
forget it its not worth nor am i
do i finish what you started
does it make me weak
or make you the winnder
it makes no differance to me
because i am not me anymore
because you see
i sit in silence
no one to hold on to
no one to speak to
nor a love to claim
or friend to smile with
and if i were to smile
would i be lying to myself that i am happy
or would i be just playing that i am
the voice inside my head stil
i can hear you
like those lips are stil on me
so maybe the shiney metal wont do this time
how about steel
how knows maybe for me,
maybe for you
but as i sit here the longer i think
the blood begans to boil
the tears began to rage
but again i am weak
so ill keep it to myself
i can face the facts
i am alone now
with all this
you dont care, i dont care,
and we sure know they dont care
without notice my blood runs down
then all i can think is how you left me there
maybe it is my fault
hell lets be honest it is
could i be the true monster
to myself?