I am finally free
At least i feels that way
I left all the people
That made m feel that way

I might find peace
I may leave the hate
If it is at all possible
Then I can't wait

I am sick of hating
I am full of rage
never again will I be
locked in in a cage

I just want to know peace
Not have these dreams
I finally moved away
I have a 2 year lease

I'll never go back
I swear on my life
But will that be enough
Through out all the strife?

I don't know what will happen
I am hoping for quiet
But the violence and dreams
Seem to never be silent

When I close my eyes, the dreams come to me
Never anything pleasant, always the bad ones
i awake in sweat, shaking with fear
Nothing to find confort in, except for my guns

I hate this life, too filled with fear
Never trusting anyone, always hating
Knowing someone is out there, to do you wrong
They are always there, just waiting............

Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

Without my sons, I would not be here.