The beauty of childhood taken away
The innocence of trust devoured
Caught in a trap of human desire
Lamb to the slaughter and into the mire

Trust and abandon taken away
Taken so bluntly by those who prey
They are but just vultures
Who wait in the dark

They wait until they encircle their prey
Their prey is so young
In abandon they play
A loss to innocence and play

The man forges his life
Out of the ashes of his grave
The grave of his childhood
In which he must lay

The grief of his childhood
Can never be bared
Because his childhood meant he was always scared
He would never be heard

Tears in the darkness
Tears in his fears
He knows nothing else
Cos nothing he hears

So much confusion
So much despair
For something not his
And nothing to share

He wants to share
But who would listen
Not you or I or anyone
Who would care

He hurts alone now
In deepest fears
Deep in the darkness
Of his childhood fears

The darkness encroaches
In his latter years
But he remembers
Those early fears

You are rotting in hell for what you did
Rotting in hell for the kid
The one you took away
The ones you took away

Yes I took on your guilt
Of the others you got
I think of them as a boy should not
It is not me but you

But not finding you, caused me so much guilt,?
So much in not knowing how many you got,
And I never found you,
So I live with your guilt
And none of is was ever mine
You bastard

Little ste, the one you fucked up of many, and the others who wanted to fuck me because of what you did.

Why do I hurt so much for what you did, why me.
Why me? It was you who has caste me into the sea of despair he witnessed as a child for only your lust, a life of maybe shadows, adn nightmares that only a child knows of, because of you.

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!