You've touched my hand so many times
Startled me
Caused me to smile
You see, I thought I was alone
I walk the paths out in the woods
The quiet ones
Where no one comes
Lonely, yes
But paths that I can navigate
Paths that do not cause me pain
Where trees of green dance in the wind
And people mostly never come
Better to be lonely
Than so anxious that I'll never measure up
Do what's right
Not meet some standard that I've never been allowed to see
A wistfull loneliness, to be sure
A chronic sort of pain
But better than the stabs felt other places

And there I am,
Walking along, thinking all those well-worn thoughts and


You touch me

I turn to look at you
And see your smiling eyes
And know that I am loved
And I am human once again
A little kid.....before
Well, you know.....before
And I can laugh with you
And talk
And dance (if only in my heart)
Because I'm not alone
Am loved for who I am
Because I am
You do that without thinking
Because of who you are
How you love
And don't know what a gift it is
To those of us who walk the paths

You see, we hate the paths we walk
And walk there only because other places make us anxious
Make us want to run away
Make us think that we are
Well, what we knew we were.....after
You know

Don't ever doubt the value of your touch
Your eyes
Your smile
Some days they're all I have

Some days I'm simply left to walk the paths alone

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.