I was the little boy
So hurt and alone
In a World of despair
Little is known

The loving boy
Who means no harm
The little boy
Who will charm

He fought to be where he is
He still fights for what should be his
He does not look for much
Just exit from despair

Too much pain
Too much despair
His life damaged
But never beyond repair

Why did you take my life
I do not know
What did you take
Does it not show

It took me, and it shook me
Every nerve frayed
You destroyed my World
And I have paid

I paid with my life
And not yours
You had your life
My life was never yours

Why should I cry?
Why should I hurt?
Do you know?
Did you care?

The little boy still cries
He cries from within
He cries from the soul
His cries are silent now

His pain was never seen
It was never heard
It is the silent scream
Which is that of those,
Who are never heard.

How much pain is there in silence?


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!