I'm sorry momma
I didn't mean to let them hurt me
I'm sorry momma
I didn't want you to see
I'm sorry momma
I hate myself today
I'm sorry momma
It's all that I can say

They took from me when you left
I tried to call but you were deaf
You didn't come back for me
All night I was crying
They hurt me like I couldn't believe
They made me bleed
I tried ot make they stop
I tried to get them off
Of me
Not in me
I hated what they were doing
I can't explain how dirty I feel
They treated me like a girl
Calling me names
Playing "games"
I didn't want to play with them
But you continued to leave me with them
You didn't know and I forgive you
Don't worry momma I still love you

I still can't look her in the eye,
Knowing what she said was a lie
I still love her though
despite this stupid woe