He speaks only in poetry
His heart held close
His eyes always wary
And talks of love
And what it might have been
And how he dreamed someone would come
And wondered why he dreamed it.

A child lost
And never found, 'till now
When understanding seems to come
A glimmer here
A morsel there of truth
To lead the old man back to seek the child.

Ah, yes, I see.
Yes, now I know.
Of course, of course, it all makes sense.
I felt it, yet I didn't know.
How could I know?
How could I not?
And yet, and yet somehow I didn't know
Somehow I couldn't know

But how?
How do you lose a part of you?
How do you lose your life
Your soul
Your child

How does he hide away without your knowing he is there?
How does he do that?
And the hurt.

I understand the hurt,
So horrible
That feeling it would have torn the child in two.
But why when he went....into hiding
Did he pull it there inside with him
And hold it there beside him all these years?

Was it all he had?
Was it all he had of life
And awful as it was it was all he could remember?
And awful as it was it was all he never could forget?

Oh, child, my child...
How I cry for you and all your pain and fear
And numbness, living in my soul
Hiding in my heart
So silently
So sadly
So hopelessly

But I am here and I have found you
Know your place
Can see it
Almost touch it
Almost get to you
To hold you
As you always wanted....someone...anyone to do.

How is it that I never knew?

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.