I want me back
I'm taking me back
You can't have me anymore

You took me
Do you understand?
Do you know that?
When you abused me

I was no more

Ceased to exist

Went through life because I didn't know what else to do

Followed one path
And then another
Because I had no way of knowing how to stop and ask for help
How to say, "I haven't lost my way. I never had a way. I've just been walking all this time....away....."
Not knowing I was lost
Only that I hurt
All over
That I cried when no one was around
And could find no reason
Wanted to die
And wondered why

And now I want it back
All of it
Want it back, and then some
You can't have me any longer
You were big then
So big
So powerful
And I needed you so much
Needed your love
Needed you to justify my living
To survive
And instead you took it all and left me there to die

You bastard

I'm taking it
Reaching down inside of you and pulling me out
I didn't die with you
Was only trapped
And I will not stay buried in your grave

And when I take me back....

When I take me back, at last you will be truly dead
It's going to hurt
I haven't held that child inside for fifty years
I hope that I can bear his pain....soothe his pain
Take him in and make him whole

A chance I'll have to take

But you can't have me anymore
At last I am no longer yours
Die, at last, and let me rest

I have my child, now
Wrenched from within your rotting soul
And finally can turn my back on you
On your grave
And walk away

While you go rot in hell

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.