It is dark in there
There is some light
The moon casts her shadow
With her eerie glow

Empty house, not yet let
Owned only by the boys tears
A place to be with his fears
Spilling emotions deeply held

The storm in his mind
The numbness so unkind
Why, was he left alone
Alone with all this

Nobody knows
Nobody cares
Go little boy
Do not scare

You can take it
You're a boy
Boys take it
But I'm nobodys boy

Life so timeless
Locked inside
Clock stops ticking
Life so unkind

So many tears
Now there are none
He now cannot cry
For everything is gone

Fire of life
Extinguished by tears
His very spirit
Replaced by fears

Fears of the future
Fears from the past
Do not be in there
It cannot last

Not forever

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!